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What is a gravity blanket? See here why you need it

Τί ειναι η κουβέρτα βαρύτητας? Δες εδώ γιατί την χρειάζεσαι

What is a rug?

Gravity blankets are deliberately more boring than plain blankets, with their weight coming from the glass beads inside.

The feeling of gradual pressure can lead to a relaxing effect.

Gravity rug uses deep tactile pressure (DPS) action to activate relaxation. These blankets are available in different sizes and weights and can be used

by children and adults to increase the sense of calm in their daily lives.

How to make a gravity rug?

As the name implies, this type of blanket is filled with glass beads that give it weight. You will find that most of these blankets are made of softer material such as breathable cotton, to look like a traditional quilt.

How do gravity blankets work? In addition to the question, "What is a weight rug?" the next question is how do they work?

A gravity blanket is often used by professional therapists for patients during sensory integration therapy (ADHD). It is usually used to relieve the symptoms of

autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and


The benefits of a gravity rug:

Anxiety and stress can prevent us from a good night's sleep. Some people resort to sleeping pills, but others prefer a natural alternative. For them, a weight rug can provide that solution.

If you are wondering what benefits you can get from this blanket, here are some that are worth mentioning.

  • Fighting stress

Stress affects us all.

The simplest everyday factors can have a negative effect on our mental health as well as our emotional and physical condition. Using the weight blanket, with deep tactile pressure, can relax the restless mind.

  • Relieves restless legs syndrome
Patients with restless leg syndrome often complain of tingling or crawling in their feet that worsens when they fall into bed.

This can lead to sleep disorders or insomnia. People with Restless Legs Syndrome tend to use compression stockings to help alleviate the problem,

But weight rugs can also provide relief from the soothing feeling of heaviness in the feet.
  • Helps with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Sensory issues are thought to be caused by signals in the brain that "get stuck in motion" that can lead to anxiety attacks. Children with autism have a lot in common with those with anxiety disorders. In the end, both can experience emotional and behavioral turmoil. Placing a gravity blanket on these children can have a relaxing effect. The same goes for those anxious people who use the gravity blanket to help them feel a much needed hug.

  • Helps patients with ADHD focus
Patients with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) often experience a variety of symptoms such as lack of focus, anxiety and impulsivity. The use of gravity and deep tactile blankets has been found to provide a relaxing and soothing effect that minimizes stress due to the release of serotonin and melatonin.

This treatment helps to improve a person's mood and can be a good choice to consider for those with ADHD

  • Helps improve sleep.

At some point in the night, we all go from one side to the other in our sleep. If sleep has become a challenge lately, using a gravity blanket can help. The deep tactile pressure of a blanket helps increase serotonin and melatonin levels. When serotonin increases, it is easier to relax into a more restful sleep.

  • Provides support for the elderly
Gravity blankets can also be useful for older people. As we age, the sleep-wake cycle changes.

Anxiety, stress or chronic pain can further disrupt sleep by causing episodes of insomnia. With a blanket of gravity they can sleep better at night.

  • Recreates a hug

Babies tend to respond better when cuddled. This does not remain only in childhood, the feeling of security remains within us as we grow older. The rug of gravity, thanks to its beads, creates a comfortable cocoon that mimics

the feeling of a warm hug, making it almost a magic blanket.


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