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Gravity blanket, the key to a good night's sleep

Κουβέρτα βαρύτητας, το κλειδί για εναν ήσυχο ύπνο

Most of us try to avoid drugs. When you feel anxious, stressed, depressed or have any anxiety disorder, gravity blankets can be one of the tools that can help you at least relieve your symptoms without the use of prescription drugs.

More and more people with insomnia are turning to gravity blankets to help them sleep better.

Gravity blankets are filled with glass beads, which are responsible for its weight. Those who have tried them say that the pressure coming from the blanket makes them feel embraced, thus giving the term "consolation" a whole new meaning.

A gravity rug is not designed to replace your traditional quilt but is used in conjunction with it when in bed or as a rug on the couch or chair.

According to Gaby Badre, MD, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Gothenburg and medical director of the Sleep Disorders Clinic in Sweden, the pressure of using a weight blanket gives a resembling feeling. with hugs, which helps to stimulate deep pressure. In a study by Badre, four in five of their 31 adults experienced an improvement in their chronic insomnia .

Gravity blanket can even help with chronic pain.

Chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, affects the daily lives of sufferers. Not only can fatigue be overwhelming, but it can also cause more serious health problems and of course, depression and insomnia. Gravity blankets help increase serotonin levels in the brain, which can help relieve symptoms and lead to more restorative sleep.

Take your own gravity blanket and take your sleep quality to the next level!

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